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About Us

About Gizmofacts

Gizmofacts, launched in 26th November 2013, is a core technical site which tells you about latest and upcoming gadgets, softwares and some useful mobile apps for all gadget lovers. The purpose of this space is to help you to leverage your knowledge of the latest softwares, tools and mobile apps so that you spend more time doing things you really love.

Gizmofacts is the new kid in the block which hopes to play an important role in providing various ideas and views towards upcoming gadgets, mobile apps and softwares so that even a layman can also work his or her way around the latest changes in the tech world. In other words, Gizmofacts will never let a ‘novice nonplus’.

In today’s world when a man can choose a eatery, movie theatre and even his wife (for feminists, it can be the other way round too) through an app, it is imperative to keep pace with the dynamics of technological advances and gadget births.

Gizmofacts promises to be your friend and a guide (cant expect anything philosophical here) in this journey of the unknown.

Awards and Recognition

It is a matter of great honour to inform that my blog Gizmofacts, have been displayed as one of sites on the list of "The Top 40 Smartphone Blogs" published by Feedspot on it’s 6th May 2017. Feedspot, which is the ultimate hub for reading all your favourite blogs in a place as it rightly describes itself, recently came up with a list of the "Top 40 Smartphone Blogs and Websites on the Web"" based on search and social metrics.

The criteria as mentioned by the website for the ranking of the blogs have been based on

I am taking a moment to wholeheartedly thank 'Feedspot' for this amazing concept of bringing so many brilliant blogs under one roof and most importantly for considering one of the articles by Gizmofacts as a feature on their list. I really appreciate Feedspot for recognizing my work and express my sincere gratitude to the website.Feedspot also designed an amazing award in the form of a 'Badge' for the ranked blogs and provides an opportunity for the ‘Top 40 blogs’ selected on the list to display it on their site. 'Gizmofacts' is honoured to be one among other brilliant websites to display the 'badge' on the site.

Man Behind Gizmofacts

The man behind Gizmofacts, Kaustav Ghosh Dastidar holds a Master Degree in Computer Science. He is usually turned on (metaphorically) by technology and gadgets. Born and raised in a quintessential middle class family he has been well aware of the ignorance the mass harbours about technology. Through Gizmofacts he wants to reach out to all those people, who he believes just need a little push to get into this unique and amazing world of science and software.

Moreover, Kaustav is well aware that nurturing an interest in gadgets doesn’t come cheap. Hence he wants to also be an enabler who would provide all the ‘need to know’ financial details of different gadgets so that people can live their dreams remaining in their budget.

To know more about tips and tricks of softwares, gizmos and mobile apps, follow him in Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

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